Traditional Service

A "traditional service" consists of a visitation and a funeral service, with a casket burial following the funeral services. This remains the most popular option among our families, but we at Wise Family Memorial Chapel allow a variety of other options that can cater to the individual wishes of each specific family.

For traditional burials, Wise Family Memorial Chapel has an excellent selection of caskets, both on-site and ones that can be ordered specifically for the occasion. The caskets are all competitively priced and of the highest quality, and there are options available for every family and their individual backgrounds and financial statuses.

Cremation Options

A prevalent myth about cremation today is that if a family opts for cremation over a traditional casket burial, they will be unable to have a traditional visitation and funeral service, but that is not true. A family can hold a visitation and funeral service before or after cremation.

Other Service Options

Above all, we at Wise Family Memorial Chapel cater to the wishes of our families. Because each family is unique, we are equipped to handle a variety of demands, from ethnic services to additional funeral or visitation services to organ and tissue donation and donation for scientific purposes. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our families to determine the best way to honor their loved ones and ease the adjustment for the survivors.

At Wise Family, we carry a wide variety of funeral merchandise. We have a wide selection of caskets, both wood and metal, for all kinds of financial statuses and tastes. We also carry a wide selection of cremation urns, in many different styles and materials, and we also have a wide variety of burial vault options, vaults are becoming required by more and more cemeteries.

Finally, we also implement personal tributes for services and have a great rapport with local florists. In addition to all of the merchandise we have in our chapel itself, we have extensive catalogues filled with other types and styles. If one of our families wants something we don't have in the chapel, we can get it for them.

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